Denied Florida Homeowner’s Claim? Here are some options.

A denied claim doesn’t always mean that there is nothing you can do. Oftentimes, many claims that were once deemed as denied have been turned around in favor of the homeowner. 

In this blog post, we are going to dive into a few options you can explore if your property claim was denied by your insurance carrier.


1: Review The Denial Letter & your policy:

Once your property claim has been deemed as a denied claim, the first thing you will want to do is obtain an official copy of the denial letter that states exactly why your claim was denied.

Insurance carriers can deny a claim for a list of reasons such as:

  • Failure to provide prompt notice
  • No applicable coverage
  • An opinion from a 3rd party company
  • Long term wear & tear
  • Etc…

The denial letter may also include parts of your policy that will help explain why your claim was denied. We always recommend that homeowners request a certified copy of their policy for review.


2: Determine If the denial is completely valid

In some cases, your denial may be completely valid. For example, if you suffered a loss from a pipe burst & your policy excludes any & all types of water/plumbing-related damages, then you may not be able to obtain payment.

However, for more questionable things such as the opinion of an insurance company-hired contractor or long-term wear & tear, you may be able to work towards reversing the insurance carrier’s decision with enough evidence.

For Example:

If your roof claim was denied by your insurance carrier based on a report submitted by an engineering company they hired, then you may want to look into obtaining your own engineering report to make sure you clear up any biased opinions.


3: Ask the adjuster to re-visit the claim & any supporting evidence.

If you believe your claim stands a chance towards obtaining a settlement, then make sure to submit any supporting documents & a valid reason as to why your claim should be covered under your policy.

If you have trouble understanding certain aspects of the denial, kindly ask your adjuster to explain it to you for better context


4: Seek a claim review

If you have found yourself at a lost & are unsure as to how to go about obtaining coverage for your claim, then you may want to look into having a public adjuster review your denial paperwork.

Having a professional review your denial documents will help you to see if your policy & damages do stand a chance of obtaining any kind of settlement. Repairs can be expensive, so taking advantage of a claim consultation would be the best route to go before starting repairs.

Important Things to Know

Many homeowners end up with a denied claim because

  • They wait to long to file a claim.
  • They didn’t review their policy before buying
  • They don’t try to prove their loss
  • They ignore the damage until it becomes a large issue

Property repairs can become costly very fast. When you notice significant damage to your home, it is important to give your insurance company prompt notice. Not only is it good for your claim, but many policies require homeowners to give prompt notice to the insurance company when a loss happens.

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